Snack Time

Somewhere in mid-December I lapsed back into life as a grazer. I have always had grazing phases, particularly around the holidays. Good just just seems to appear on every available surface. I also find myself highly susceptible when unoccupied. With a day off and few obligations, food becomes like an intravenous drip of nibbles and tidbits.

Having completed a week of tracking what, when, and why I eat has made me acutely aware of the inefficiencies of my eating habits. Reaching for the bag of almonds every 90 minutes is not conducive to a life of perpetual motion and engagement, nor is it particularly well-rounded from a nutritional standpoint. Time to find out what it takes to keep me on track with three meals and one to two snacks.

So, for week two–creative, satisfying snacks. I tend to default to nuts and fruit when snacking. They are easily available, portable, and tasty to boot. That said, I think I’m missing out and tend to eat rather mindlessly when presented with a 10 ounce bag of almonds and a basket of berries.

A few of my favorite non-fruit/nut snacks from recent memory:

1. Take a bit of thinly sliced meat (I’ve been going the roast beef route quite a bit lately) and wrap it around pretty much anything in your fridge–leftover cauliflower mash, roasted root veggies, lettuce and tomato, you name it.

2. Mini-tupperwares filled with chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, etc. (tasty mayo recipe below!) and use as dip for carrots or celery.

3. Buffaluffins (buffalo muffins… obviously some other sort of muffin if you don’t use ground bison…)–basically a meatloaf where you hold everything together with almond/coconut flour and egg. I’ll add any veggies I have on hand to the mix, ranging from raw baby spinach to roasted mushrooms. Bake in muffin tins for snack sized portions. Top with mashed sweet potato for a post-workout delight.


Homemade Mayo, Mustard Style

Using a bit of mustard makes this an easy, one-stop addition to just about anything…


2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice
1 tablespoon mustard (check your labels!)
1 teaspoon salt
Generous cranks from the pepper mill
About a cup of neutral oil (you don’t want to be able to taste what it came from)
1/4 cup of olive oil (if you want a bit of the favor)
Warm water, as needed

Make it:

1. Get your yolks, acid, mustard, salt and pepper into a bowl
2. Using an immersion blender, hand mixer or good old fashioned whisk+elbow grease, combine aforementioned ingredients until smooth
3. Recruit a friend or loved one to pour the oil into the mixture in a thin stream while you whip the bejesus out of it. Watch it emulsify! It will thicken as you whip
4. You may find it gets fairly thick–adding a bit of warm water a tablespoon at a time will help it loosen up a bit
5. Transfer to a storage container and enjoy!


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