21 Days

Be forewarned: you’ve got a lot of blog posts coming your way.

At work, we’ve all selected an activity to create time for each day for the next 21 days. Ideally, carving out a space in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives for the next three weeks will begin to leave an ever-so-slightly more permanent mark on our brains. By consciously reading the newspaper each day, getting eight hours of sleep or, in my case, taking 30 minutes to write each night one hopes that in a month we’ve retained the mental and muscle memory to keep at it.

I’ve come to realize–my college years safely behind me–that I really do enjoy writing. Perhaps it was the 25-page research papers initiated hours before they were due that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. This blog is a slow and not-very-glamorous endeavor, certainly, but it allows me to play with words and phrases and even add pictures when I’m feeling ambitious. I’ve missed that.

So for the next 21 days I’ll be taking a few minutes every day to update the blog. It might just be a photo of a nice meal or an arbitrary observation about the ongoing nutrition challenge. If we’re really lucky, it’ll be a delightfully simple recipe or a revelation about the swifter, stronger, Paleo-powered Anne. And, if things get ugly, I might throw a blog tantrum. That could be fun.






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