Round Three, Day One

My family is full of tinkerers. On any given day you’ll find my mother in her garage building wheelbarrows, my father eliciting cooperation from the latest Apple product, one brother perfecting how to smoke bacon on a Brooklyn sidewalk, and the other scheming up how to turn mushrooms into styrofoam (a gross oversimplification of a really cool project…). And me? These days I tinker with nutrition, exercise, and the tremendous things I’ll be doing five years from now.

So here I go, tinkering away again. Today is the start of CrossFit South Arlington’s winter nutrition challenge. When I did my own challenge in September the primary goal was resetting my system after months on the trail. It was quite successful and, surprisingly, kind of fun. But how to keep things fresh this time around? It is, after all, a challenge.

First, the blog. Hiking the AT was the first time I felt I was doing anything “blog-worthy” that someone would want to read about. When I did the nutrition challenge back in September, though, all kinds of people had questions for me–what I was eating, how on earth I cooked it, whether it was fun, and why I voluntarily (eagerly, even!) woke up before 6am. Consider this a six week snapshot of all of that with a heavy bias towards the cooking part.

Second, I’m training for a half marathon in March. This adds a whole new element for me to document and track–primarily, am I getting stronger and faster? I’ve never trained for a race using anything but a standard RunnersWorld training plan, so switching to a CrossFit Endurance approach–more strength focused with shorter, high intensity runs–is certainly going to rock the boat.

Pretty exciting, eh?

And now, le food:

Never underestimate the power of an egg. After all, eggs makes chickens. More importantly, they can be used to turn last night’s meager leftovers into a charming meal. Keep the yolk a bit on the runny side and you have yourself a little something to sate the worst of the “I MUST HAVE CHEESY PIZZA NOW” cravings that might come your way…

First meal of the challenge: leftover chicken and mustard greens, warmed up on the stove with an egg for good measure.


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